Gifts : Diploma Frames

Classic Double Mat Durham Diploma Frame


This is a bold, classic shaped profile with a gentle curvature, finished in a mahogany stain with black accents throughout. Frame opening is 10.5" x 8". Moulding Width: 2.0"

Available: 38 On Order: 24

Linear Double Mat Durham Diploma Frame


This profile has a contemporary design, flat on top with a step edge pattern on the outside edge of the moulding, finished in a deep mahogany shade with black accents. Frame opening is 10.5" x 8", Moulding Width: 1.5"

Available: 26 On Order: 120

Executive Double Suede Mat Durham Diploma Frame


Luxurious Italian moulding that features a classic swan's neck design. It is layered with water based lacquer, giving its wine colour a rich, glossy finish with an inner suede matting. Frame opening is 10.5" x 8", Moulding Width: 1.67"

Available: 25 On Order: 36

Florentine Silver Durham Diploma Frame


Italian-made moulding with clean lines and understated elegance. It has a stylish aesthetic which is highlighted by a classic brush stroke finish. It is assembled with a suede matting and the Durham College logo hot stamped in silver foil. Frame Profile: .87" wide

Available: 32 On Order: 0

Pewter Access Diploma Frame


Intended for 8.5" x 11" Documents or Certificates

Available: 18 On Order: 0

4X6 Glass/Steel Grad Frame

Available: 14 On Order: 0

6X4 Celebrate Your Achievement Frame

Available: 12 On Order: 0

4X6 Alum Frame (4 Corner Grad Icons)

Available: 7 On Order: 0

5X7 Black Alum Frame Grad Icons

Available: 8 On Order: 0

Picture Frame 4x6 - Durham

Available: 17 On Order: 0

6X4 Glass Frame Grad Hat Icon

Available: 11 On Order: 0